Selection of Stored Timber


Scottish Sawmilling Services
Tel: 07708335552

A large stock of Elm and Oak with widths from 145mm to 1m, available air dried and kiln dried. Lengths from 1.8m to 7m

Most Elm stock has one or two waney edges but some is planked.

A flexible approach to grading allows us to offer prime quality stock as well as grades to suit your needs and the needs of your clients

We also offer a cutting and planing service.

Pippy Oak, Quarter sawn Oak, Yew Elm, Sycamore, Cherry, Laburnum and Walnut are all available

Good figured Elm.

Stored Wood. Oak, Elm, Ash and Cherry
1m wide boards

Large Burr Elm
3.5 tonne Butt cut. It was burr all the way through

Elm on the mill

Large Elm logs waiting to be cut

Veneer quality Elm has since been planked and dried.

Scottish black walnut from a local estate.

Quarter sawn oak planks

Very large burr elm